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revised 09 / 25 /2001
Mission My mission is to do more with less and  
ultimately do everything with nothing
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BEAM is a fusion of Biology, Electronic, Aestetics and Mechanics. 
BEAM inspires innovation for beginners and experts alike.
BEAM's challenge is to create capable low tech robots. 
BEAM is highly accesable appropriate technology .
BEAM is to robotics what the Hiaku is to poetry. 
BEAM's elegant simplicity is the bottom line. 

BEAM has the same basic appeal as the creative ideas in Don Lancaster's Cookbooks, Forrest Mimms introductory electronics  and Steve Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar. It is what  makes "Ideas for Design" the most popular column in the prestigious EDN electronics trade journal.  

BEAM operates on many levels. The designs are always simple and easy to build. The designs are also clever, innovative,  novel minimalist solutions. The designs also tap into deep philosophical ideas of chaos and complexity. All of which attracts a broad range of interest from novice, to circuit hacker, to experienced engineer alike. 

I have contributed articles on the BEAM robotics mailing list since 1999. Most of the articles will attempt to entertain you with some new  unusual electronic circuit design  or to dispell the mysteries of the operation of existing circuit designs.  

The circuits that are presented here are usually targeted for BEAM applications but these techniques and ideas can be used in many other areas too. Even if you are not into electronics, you may enjoy reading the articles for their amusing BEAM techno babble with concepts and labels borrowed from all of science and technology.  

BEAM philosophy has inspired some of my cleverest electronic creations.  No doubt it will do the same for you. 

Every month I will post a new article and dig down into my archives to dust off  a previous related article.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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